Having Trouble Keeping Your Medical Facility Fully Staffed?

Compared to medical facilities, most businesses face relatively simple staffing issues. Not only do many medical facilities have to remain fully staffed 24/7, but their staff must also be highly-trained and ready to respond to life-threatening emergencies at any moment. If you’re struggling to maintain adequate staffing ratios, or with finding qualified candidates, here’s how a recruitment agency could help solve your staffing issues.

Adapting to unexpected staffing demands

Unexpected staffing shortages can pop up at any time. Since operating while understaffed can lead to accidents – or even charges of negligence – you can’t simply sit back and hope for the best. When you need to hire a new worker now, the recruiters at a healthcare staffing company can have a replacement in your facility within days.

Hiring for seasonal demands

When preparing for vacations and sick leave among your full-time staff, hiring short-term staff without an agency is impractical. You will likely find yourself hiring and training a temporary worker only to dismiss them a few months later. In contrast, hiring through a temp agency lets you pass off the burden of recruitment, training, and potential severance packages to your staffing company.

Less pressure on your full-time staff

Burnout is common in every workplace, but healthcare workers are at higher risk than most other groups. Long hours, hectic shifts, and irregular shifts can combine to put unbearable pressure on your loyal staff members. Before letting your best workers get crushed under their workload, bring in some temporary help to ease the pressure. If you can decrease the amount of overtime and allow your regular staff to settle into a predictable schedule, their productivity and morale will increase.

Filling specific needs

If you identify a weakness in your current staff, or perhaps a gap in their skills, hiring a new employee who is an expert in that area can benefit your entire workforce. For example, medical facilities that are transitioning to a new EMR system may need to bring in new staff – at least temporarily – who are proficient in the new program. Likewise, a staffing company can help you quickly find candidates who have whatever specific skill that your department needs to improve.

There’s no one-size-fits-all staffing solution in health care. Your facility’s unique staffing needs require expert insight to solve. At Quality Medical Staffing, we specialize in placing motivated and uniquely talented nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals in facilities that value their skills. To get started solving your facility’s unique staffing demands, contact our recruiters today.

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