Are You Conducting Exit Interviews at Your Facility?

No manager would dream of hiring a new worker without interviewing them first. In contrast, workers who are leaving their job sometimes get little more than a farewell from their superiors. After all, you need to confirm your new staff is qualified, but there’s little to be gained from them on their way out, right? If this is your mindset, you might be missing out on a valuable learning opportunity.

Why exit interviews should become standard procedure

Before an employee leaves their position – for any reason – sit down with them for an exit interview. Though often overlooked (or mishandled), these sessions will do more good for your facility than you can imagine. Here’s why you should conduct exit interviews with every staff member.

Pinpointing weak areas

Are you certain your current policies and procedures are efficient, practical and safe? Is there room for improvement? Regardless of their reasons for leaving, your employees may have some valuable insights that can help you improve your patient care and management style. Though it takes a thick skin to listen to criticism from an employee (even constructive criticism), this is a golden opportunity to reevaluate your practices.

Identifying what you’re doing right

As important as it is to fix what’s broken, it’s also vital that each exit interview should spend some time on what you’re doing right. Knowing what your strong suits are will help you make better use of your time and resources, as you’ll know exactly where to direct your energy.

Improving employee retention

An employee can have many valid reasons for moving on, so this issue can be complicated. Regardless, you must try to identify the key factors that cause your employees to leave. In doing so, you’ll be able to offer better service and keep your best workers from seeking other employment. If you want to raise morale and improve employee retention, pay attention to what you hear in your exit interviews.

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