Are You Open to Travel Nursing in a New City? You Should Be!

Once they have a little experience under their belts, many nurses consider the idea of travel nursing. Despite some undeniable upsides, however, relatively few end up taking the plunge. With demand for travel nurses at an all-time high, it’s time for that to change. Are you on the fence about taking up a career as a traveler? If so, here are some powerful reasons that you should start looking for your first travel contract today.

1. Travel Nurses Enjoy Greater Flexibility

If you limit your job search to a small area, you are also limiting yourself to a few facilities. In contrast, travel nurses have an entire country at their fingertips. Having access to such a wide variety of positions means you are guaranteed to find a schedule, facility, and specialty that fit your demands.

2. Travel Nursing Looks Great on Your Resume

Becoming a traveler will force you to hone some valuable skills. You’ll need to be flexible, a fast learner, and able to collaborate with a diverse array of personalities. Since short-term travel contracts force you to develop these traits much faster than a staff position would, travel RNs quickly attain a high level of professionalism. If you ever go back to a long-term position, your travel experience will make your resume shine.

3. Building a Wide Professional Network

By far, traveling is the best way for RNs to quickly expand their professional network. Even if you only accept contracts that are relatively close to home, you’ll have the opportunity to develop personal and professional relationships that would otherwise be out of reach. Later on in your career, you’ll be glad that you have so many connections.

4. Stimulating Jobs in Exciting Areas

Are you interested in experiencing everything that the country and your profession have to offer? Travel RNs get to set up a home base in a new city every few months if they choose to. Without exception, there’s no better way to see the world while maintaining financial stability.

5. Your Recruiter Handles The Details

Are you concerned about finding short-term housing, or worried about getting transportation and a valid nursing license in a new state? If any detail seems like too much to handle, your staffing agency can take care of it. From finding suitable lodging to making travel arrangements for your trip, your recruiter will make sure you are well taken care of.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to find out what exciting travel contracts are waiting for you. With open positions in every nursing specialty, Quality Medical Staffing is ready to jump start your travel nursing career.

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