Tips to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome on Their First Day

Starting a new job is never easy. Even the most experienced and confident workers will feel nervous, awkward, or out of place on their first few days. Though this is to be expected, it’s not a fact that you should quietly accept. As a leader, making all of your staff feel welcome is your responsibility. How can you make your new hires feel at home on their first day?

Get to Know Your New Hires Before They Start

Though there’s a lot that goes into the onboarding process, you should take a few minutes to get to know your new employees. No matter how hectic their start might be, taking the time to interact on a personal level can help the beginnings of a connection to form. Modern workers value appreciation more than any previous generation, and they are sure to notice this genuine attention.

Talk Them Up to Your Current Staff

Don’t ever let a new hire slip quietly into the workforce. Before they start, make sure you mention their upcoming arrival to the rest of your staff, and try to slip in some personal information if possible. “Next week, we’ve got a great new travel RN starting,” you could say. “His name is Steve, and he always takes his black lab on assignment with him.” When Steve arrives for his first day of work and people already want to see pictures of his dog, he’ll know that you’re excited to have him on the team.

Have New Employees Team Up With a Mentor

No amount of hype can make a new hire feel at home if they constantly feel lost in their workload. Since settling into a productive routine can take some time, make sure that your recruits know who they can turn to for help. A mentoring relationship can last behind the orientation period, and your new employees will feel more relaxed if they have someone experienced to lean on.

Include Them in Staff Meetings

New workers, especially temporary staff, often fall through the cracks when it comes to routine meetings. To make sure they feel welcome in their new position, take special care to invite new employees to participate in these events.

Ask for Their Feedback

If your employees feel that you value their opinions and experience, they will quickly start to settle in. Of course, asking your new staff members for their input has huge practical value as well. After all, fresh minds bring fresh ideas, and you may soon find that your new hire’s ideas are changing your facility for the better.

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